What Are Fractional COOs?

In its simplest form a Fractional COO acts as part-time Chief Operating Officer. Many growing businesses have reached the stage where the additional executive leadership of a COO is required but the economics are challenging. By collaborating with a Fractional COO, businesses can bridge this gap and continue to grow without the expense of a full-time executive!

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Part-Time COO Services

  • Organizational Structure & Restructure
  • Process Analysis & Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Plan Execution
  • Technology/Software Integrations
  • Expense Mitigation
  • Board Recruitment/Development
  • Financial Reporting/Evaluation
  • Budget Review/Development
  • Policy & Procedure Document Drafting
  • HR Services & People Operations
  • Employee Benefit Research & Implementation
  • Company Culture Building
  • Employee Performance & Termination
  • Change Management & Facilitation
  • And much more!